Monetize Your Blog

Our platform provides an easier way to monetize your contents without distracting your users with annoying ads. You can achieve this with micro subscriptions. Our platform has been integrated with Microscriptions

Invite Trusted People To Contribute On Your Posts

With the Flying-Solo plan, Invite trusted people such as colleagues, friends, etc to contribute information on your posts. Give access to your "collaborators" and they'll be able to login and edit posts or even write a new post. As administrator, you still have rights to publish or unpublish posts as expected.

Easy To Use Template Settings

QuickPublisher by default takes care of all complex activities. In addition to that, you can also edit these settings to suit your taste.

Switch On/Off Your Blog When You Want To

Turn off your blog when you are busy loading new articles or in general, whenever you feel like.

Custom Domain Name

By default, your blog gets published on a sub domain. Point your blog to your custom domain

Build Your Audience

QuickPublisher provides a quick an easy way to build your audience by allowing registration on your blog, moderating comments as well as sending newsletters to your users.

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